Coming Up


June 9th  2018 - 9pm
Secret Location - Stay tuned for the address;)

On June 9th, we will be showcasing Cartel Madras, with guests Jae Sterling and Zodiaque for a night to turn up. Show up, get wild, and vibe out.

SANS FUCCS is hip-hop, underground exclusive. Sounds from trap, grime, house, and every coast.


David Morin - Your Love | Fireside Session

There wasn't a moment to waste with David Morin when he came to town. We were moving around Calgary from show to interview to other engagements for most of the weekend.

It was great to get this opportunity to settle down and get to know him deeper as a person and artist in the studio. This Fireside Session feature's his new song "Your Love." Watch for it on his upcoming album. 


Fireside Session | Kyng - All Night

Fireside exists to tell the story of our music community in Calgary. When an artist comes through to play a show, we want to get to know them as much as possible. One of the ways to do that is to focus in on their story through one of their songs in our studio.

Kyng intersected our story when founder, Jared Clark, discovered him at an open mic in Toronto. Before that, Kyng had already been on an adventure of his own, rising to the top of the American Idol competition but choosing to journey from there to dig into his sound in a real way, and find where he could settle in artistically.

We were honoured to have him experience some of that belonging with us in Calgary. This video gives you a glimpse of the light and joy Kyng shared with us all weekend.


Fireside Feature | Jae Sterling


It’s April and its -8 degrees Celsius. The setting is Philosafy Coffee on 17th avenue. The door swings open as a breeze flows in behind the coldest rapper that Calgary has produced to date. Jae Sterling and his manager sit across Fireside founder Jared Clark and I. His presence is felt the second he takes a seat. A man on a mission with a message Hip-Hop fans across all walks of life have been waiting for.


David Morin - Fireside


106 years of history packed in to the walls of an Inglewood staple: The Lantern Church. The
second you walk into the venue you feel a slight shiver at the nostalgia that pierces those walls.

Just minutes away, we would be blown away by the soulful musical force that is David Morin.
This was the first Fireside event in the sanctuary. To say that it added to the intensity of the
music being played would be an immense understatement. No one more suitable to establish the musical pedigree we at Fireside are looking to showcase than Morin.


Fireside at Fader Fort

A photo journal shot by Oliver Banyard.



Fireside began in the intimate space of a living room.

On January 16th, 2016, 5 artists performed by the fire for a small audience. These artists noted that they had never felt so vulnerable and loved while performing their music. Ever since that night Fireside has nurtured an environment where identity music is celebrated.